Glacier National Park Lake McDonald 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


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Photographer: Christina Adele
Hues of orange and gold paint the sky in this one-of-a-kind puzzle image. Refreshing mountain peaks fill the foreground with a glass-like lake. The image invokes both excitement and peace brought from the calming landscape and breathtaking view.
The largest lake in Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald is in Montana. It is 472 feet deep. That’s deep enough to hold the length of almost three Olympic sized pools! For wondrous sights to see, visit Apgar village and gaze at the wonderful rainbow-colored lake rocks. (See them up close here!).
The packaging:
Our product does not contain copious dust from manufacturing like other puzzles do. Each box comes with a reference poster, and the pieces are sealed in a plastic bag. This puzzle is printed with a matte finish to prevent glare while assembling. Our piece replacement program ensures that should you receive one of the rare 999 piece puzzles, we have you covered!. All puzzles are guaranteed to have the highest quality of color ink to ensure a true to life image for your new puzzle.
Skill Level: Leisurely

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21037 Glacier Lake McDonald web

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