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 National Park Puzzles is a growing company based in Helena, Montana. We are a small business with a focus on providing high quality jigsaw puzzles using images from our own team of local, and very talented, professional photographers. Each photographer receives a portion of the sale of a puzzle made with one of their photos. Our commitment to quality and customer service is what sets us apart from the rest. In August of 2023, we passed 25,000 puzzles sold since I launched the line 3.5 years ago! Thank you all for your continued support!  Click on our Shop page, and take a look at all 5 pages of beautiful designs that we offer. Our current lineup features photos taken at 17 different National Parks! We have 61 different options currently available for you to choose from. We are continuing to expand, and hope to offer at least 2 from every park in America soon! Not all designs will be reproduced, so be sure to collect them all! Our 500 piece versions are still available in limited quantity, and will not be reproduced.

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 All of our  puzzles are 1000 Piece, and measure 27.6 x 19.7 inches when completed They are cut with an irregular piece shape to aid your assembly quest, as well as  produce an interlock so tight you can pick it up and flip it over( gently) without losing a piece. They are manufactured using 100%  recycled Grade A chipboard, 1/16 inch thick for sturdy, durable pieces that wont bend or break easily, and a premium low gloss matte finished print resulting in a puzzle you will want to frame and hang on your wall when you are done! These puzzles are geared towards adults, and are not meant to be easy! I always try to release colorful prints for the novice puzzler, as well as some that will take even the most seasoned puzzler months to assemble!  Each puzzle is only $34.99+ $2.99 flat rate for a single item, an additional $2.99 for a 2nd item, Orders of 2 or more ship FREE! (Max 6)  Orders ship USPS Priority Mail the day they are received, if before 5 pm MST, or 11 am Saturday . If UPS is used for larger orders, the lower shipping rate will be applied.)  This applies to shipping to all 50 states.

   We have 21 new designs this year, including 2 new Parks, an Award winning photo (prestegious winner in Time magazine), several majestic wildlife photos that ive gotten so many requests for, and much more! These additions to our lineup will further the shift to a low-gloss Matte finish on all puzzles to reduce glare. We have further implemented a piece replacement program for those unfortunate incidences where your puzzle is missing one! (You can read more about how this works on the Guarantee page) You can also read about the new Photographer in our lineup, and view some of the new designs on our Facebook page. All new designs are revealed there first, as well as other announcements! We intend to expand our social media presence this fall as well, so stay tuned!!!

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 Puzzles Recommended for ages 12 and up. Not suitable for small children due to choking hazard from small parts.

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